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Herbs around you – Bermuda Grass

A strong connection to nature soothes our mind and makes us feel better emotionally. The abundant flora include medicinal herbs that can be used to heal or enhance our physical well-being. One such wonder herb is Bermuda Grass. Dr Binitha Parameswaran writes on its benefits:-

Bermuda Grass (‘Karuka’ in Malayalam) with botanical name Cynodon Dactylon, is known by different names in different regions – Durva grass, Conch grass, Bahama grass, Devil’s grass, Scutch grass and the Dog’s tooth grass. Botanically speaking, it comes under the family, Poaceae. By nature, it’s a perennial grass and its thick, elongated rhizomes and vigorous stolons that form thick mats make a beautiful appearance.

It’s a common grass, mostly found in tropical areas, that does not need any care. You might have located the grass along roadsides or on field borders many times. The grass has antiviral & antimicrobial properties and can be used as an immunity booster.  ‘Durva’ grass contains a biochemical compound called ‘Cynodon dactylon protein fractions’ (CDPF), which helps to enhance our body’s immunity. An affordable immunity booster, just from the garden itself.

The grass is cooling in nature, so a drink made with young leaves refreshes the body. The regular intake of the grass juice or a drink is beneficial, thanks to the nutritional contents -- flavonoids, alkaloids, calcium, proteins, carotene, fibre, potassium, manganese and sodium.

It’s used externally to treat wounds, added to baths to reduce itching and conditions of eczema & skin rashes besides health conditions such as menstrual/ gynecological problems, constipation, diabetes and epilepsy. Intake of the grass juice is beneficial for blood purification. It maintains the alkalinity of the blood.

It has anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-cancer, diuretic, hypoglycemic, antitoxic, aphrodisiac properties which help to fight diseases common now-a-days and even cholesterol and obesity. The presence of flavonoids in the grass benefits in cases of Ulcers. 

The intake of the juice with honey is beneficial for women during heavy menstrual periods to control bleeding. It can also be taken in conditions such as piles and nasal bleeding. Also, it’s an excellent detoxifier.

Many researches found ‘Durva’ grass has hypoglycemic effect, so this is good news for diabetic patients keeping a watch over their sugar levels. Because of the adequate amount of chlorophyll in the grass, it is one best choice to treat anemia conditions. It helps in the formation of Red Blood Cells in the blood. As a nervine tonic as well, this grass can be taken internally.

The decoction using ‘Durva Grass’ can be made with ingredients such as honey, pepper, lemon juice, ginger as per your taste. One can also have Durva grass tea every morning.

An acclaimed Ayurveda Practitioner settled in the United Kingdom. She has also pursued the Master in Public Health from the University of Sheffield, UK

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