Vaajeekarana for procreation

Vaajeekarana treatment, according to Charaka, enables man to indulge in effective sexual acts. All ayurveda scholars agree that it makes a man sexually strong. S’aarangadhara defines ‘vaajeekarana’ as a drug, the use of which makes man and woman enjoy the enhanced pleasure of sex. A drug known as ‘sukralam’ improves quality and quantity of semen.

All the factors which make a man capable of entering into sexual intercourse with woman and make him capable of performing excessive sexual intercourse are called vaajeekarana.
According to Sus’ruta, the following are the natural aphrodisiacs of life:-

  1. Various kinds of nutritious and palatable foods.
  2. Sweet luscious and refreshing liquid cordials.
  3. Speech and songs that charm the soul and captivate the mind.
  4. Use of betel leaves.
  5. Wines and garlands of sweet scented flowers.
  6. Clear nights mellowed by the full moon light.
  7. Exposure to the rain increases strength and sexual desire.
  8. Light massage to the body and feet acts as an aphrodisiac.
  9. The best means of vaajeekarana or the ultimate factor which stimulates the sexual desire in man is the ‘woman.’


It is noted that a person possessing physical strength will invariably be able to procreate offspring. For procreation of offspring, there should be potency of semen. In other words, it should contain adequate number of healthy sperms. There are persons whose bodies are not stout, but they possess excellent quality of semen, because of which, they are quite strong and effective with woman and are able to procreate many an offspring.

Sexual satisfaction boosts confidence and in a way adds to physical strength.
The semen is ejaculated from the body because of eight factors, namely excitement, passionate desire, fluidity, slimness, heaviness, atomicity, the tendency to flow out and the force of vayu.
Sus’ruta advises that a man who seeks health and longevity should not indulge in a sexual union with a partner who is –

  1. Very young (below 16 years of age ) or older than oneself.
  2. Belonging to his own blood or closely related.
  3. Who is in menstruation
  4. Afflicted with any disease or diseases of genital tract
  5. Who is having excessive sexual desire
  6. Preceptor’s wife or friend’s wife
  7. Unclean in habits
  8. Widow
  9. Pregnant or recently delivered
  10. Idiot or imbecile or infertile persons
  11. Who is affected with anger, thirst, fear, hunger or grief.
  12. Who had heavy meals

Sexual union with animals, unnatural sexual intercourse and withholding the seminal discharge are strictly forbidden. This includes a prohibition of sexual perversions.
Love, strength, happiness, professional excellence, social influence, fame, utility to the world, pleasure, all these are dependent upon children. Therefore, a person desirous of children and qualities associated with them should daily use aphrodisiacs if he wants kaama and sukha, together.
For the maintenance of the positive health and prevention of diseases, rejuvenation and aphrodisiac treatment are very effective. A person should always seek the intake of aphrodisiac because he can earn dharma (ethical values) ardha (wealth) preethi (love) and yasas (fame) through this therapy. A person devoid of sexual potency- avaji, regains it through the vajeekarana treatment.

Aphrodisiac therapies are to be taken regularly as a daily diet. Rejuvenational therapies are required to be taken for a specified period only. After taking aphrodisiac medicines, the person should take recourse to sexual intercourse during r’tukaala (period of fertility) of his wife. Sexual intercourse in other times is not the object of this therapy. Absolute celibacy is not desirable. If a person keeps himself absolutely free from sexual intercourse then this gives rise to mental stress.

In rasaayana therapy, promotive drugs re-establish the equilibrium of dhaatus, pacify the discordance and the curative drugs improve balavarna. The rasaayana therapy aims at improving the status of bala in an individual. Since vaajeekarana is employed to enhance and establish the optimal functional status of s’ulkladhaathu, it also could be basically described to improve the bala. Harshana- the functional attribute of s’ulkla dhaatu – is accomplished only in the concurrent existence of strength of body and mind.
Here are some examples of recipes of aphrodisiac therapy, which bring about sexual delight and are known for their efficiency and promote semen and help in the procreation of many children.

Ghee, meat and testicle of goat should be boiled with soup of the meat of buffalo. This is to be fried in fresh ghee after adding sour fruits. This recipe should then be added with small quantity of salt, dhaanyaka, jeeraka and naagara. This is an excellent recipe for the promotion of vitality, strength and nourishment.

If a person takes the aphrodisiac recipes in appropriate quantity and in proper time when the channels of circulation of his body are clean, then they help in the promotion of virility, nourishment and strength. The aphrodisiac recipes do not produce the desired affect in an unclean body. These drugs becomes affective in a person only when, his physical strength has got straightened by the administrations of Nirooha and Anuvaasana which is included in the panchakarma therapy. Therefore, depending on the strength elimination therapies (panchakarma) should be administered to one before the administration of aphrodisiac recipes.

Among the causes of the downfall of vigour and vitality, the lack of sex knowledge- or the wanton disregard of the most fundamental rules pertaining to the function of the sexes, is of special importance.

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