Siddhalepa’s 200-year-old Ayurveda heritage transforms into a hospitality leader

With a rich heritage of 200 years of authentic Ayurveda medicine spanning five generations, Siddhalepa has carved a niche for themselves as a leading Ayurveda group in Sri Lanka.

Siddhalepa enjoys the distinction of being the only company in the country to have their own authentic Ayurveda hospital, produce their own Ayurveda supplements, medicine and a wide range of herbal products in their factory. Siddhalepa also operates Ayurveda resort hotel and a city hotel. Herb Plantations, OWN Therapist Training Institute

The Hettigoda family has been practicing this medicine for five generations and their vision is to preserve and continue this ancient heritage into the sixth generation, catering to the growing global shift to herbal therapies and ayurveda medicine for a healthy life...

Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort, Wadduwa

A pioneer and leader in Ayurveda tourism in the country for the last two decades, Siddhalepa offers a holistic experience in healthy living on a holiday combined with the glories of a tropical island holiday.

The Siddhalepa Ayurveda Health Resort and Spa, in Wadduwa, south of the capital Colombo, offers a wide range of authentic treatment packages for most illnesses or health conditions, giving the opportunity for their clientele not only the promise of total relaxation but also a lasting relief for their ailments with Ayurveda medical treatment.

Overlooking the Indian Ocean and spread over seven acres of tropical & indigenous trees, herbal medicinal plants, vines and bushes, the resort offers a holistic experience, provided under the expert care of resident physicians, visiting consultants and hospital trained therapists. The resort’s main attraction its Ayurveda centre  is the only one in the country affiliated to an Ayurveda hospital with access to a range of traditional Ayurvedic medicines produced to highest ISO standards, using ancient formulae by the Group in their factories.

Built in 1999 by Siddhalepa founder and Chairman Deshabandu, Dr. Victor Hettigoda, the 50 room Ayurveda resort has now evolved into a holistic therapy Ayurveda holiday resort with yoga, meditation and Ayurveda meals, cooking lessons and introductory Ayurveda herbal tours in the property’s seven-acre gardens.

The Group has built its clientele on the emerging trend in tourism where holidaymakers are seeking natural cures for their ailments and health conditions on their holiday. Tourists especially from the Developed Countries have discovered the benefits of Ayurveda therapy and Ayurveda medicine and a Holistic way of life and actively seek a destination that offers them an authentic therapy for their ailments while they can still have a great holiday with nutritious, vegetarian meals.

Resident and consultant ayurveda physicians are available for consultation at the Resort and the spas in both the resort and hospital are run by trained ayurveda therapists.


The key factor in these ayurveda therapy and treatment based holidays is the availability of an ayurveda physician on call at the hotel and guests access to the team of specialists at the Ayurveda hospital in Mount Lavinia.

For holiday packages that include ayurveda treatment, communication with the physician begins even before the guests come to the resort with an email questionnaire on their general health record. 

Guests are given a one-and-a-half-hour consultation with an ayurveda doctor on arrival. From the diagnosis of your condition, the doctor will prescribe a diet plan, treatment at the Ayurveda Centre, an exercise plan with regular yoga sessions, and meditation sessions for a holistic healing of the body, mind and soul. And a balanced meal plan according to their body type.

Targeting individual parts of the body, the resort offers a series of treatment to relieve and rejuvenate. Treatment  ranges from Shareera Abhyanga (body therapy),  Akshitharpana (special eye treatment), Udvarthana (peeling treatment), Nasya Karma (nasal treatment), Vasti Karma (enema), Piccichil (Thaila Dhara), Shirodara and many more. Treatments to enhance immunity, for post-chemotherapy, wellness and anti-stress, blood purification and rejuvenation, weight loss, beauty care and anti-aging; to strengthen mobility, and joint care are also offered.

The Ayurveda Hospital in Mount Lavinia

Dedicated to the late Dr. Hendrick de Silva Hettigoda, renowned ayurveda kidney specialist and father of Deshabandu Ayur Dr. Victor Hettigoda Chairman of the Siddhalepa Group, Siddhalepa Ayurveda Hospital in Mount Lavinia is well known for its team of specialist ayurveda physicians and its authentic ayurveda treatment centre in the hospital premises itself. The Siddhalepa Group also has two more ayurveda spas, one in Colombo 7 and another in their recently opened city Hotel Anarva, in Mount Lavinia.

The state of the art Ayurveda hospital in Sri Lanka offers professional consultation to both local & foreign patients everyday of the week. A wide range of treatments are delivered to patients by a panel of well experienced Ayurveda specialist doctors who are renowned for providing customized remedies combined with personal care & attention. The  hospital is the only Ayurveda hospital to have a panel of renowned consultants visiting on a regular basis. Also 90% of the medicine used in our treatments are produced locally by Siddhalepa using all natural ingredients. Keeping up with international standards and ensuring both safety and authenticity, our ISO standard medicine has become a trusted name around the world.


Within easy reach of the commercial capital Colombo, Siddhalepa ANARVA Mount Lavinia makes for the perfect urban retreat. This centrally located City hotel in Mount Lavinia is ideal for business & leisure with meeting facilities and the Ayurveda spa. The hotel offers all amenities of a city hotel including free Wi-Fi and also features double glazed soundproofing promising a good night’s sleep.

Coupled with the opportunity to travel, and ayurveda tourism are even more popular than before; It encompasses hospitality, health, beauty, medicine and fitness, integrating healthful habits into the holiday.

Indigenous Ayurveda medicine is not a fad to fade away... It has survived the test of time and its origins go back 6000 years...

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