Kerala Tourism Launches its App; Introduces Monsoon Packages

Kerala Tourism Launches its App; Introduces Monsoon Packages

TRIVANDRUM: Kerala tourism app holds various features that one would expect in a tour guide. Around 20,000 people have downloaded the app so far. The aim is to make it five lakhs, by providing personalized service to each and every traveler. The app is designed entirely by Invis Multimedia.

The app includes details of more than 500 tourist destinations. Details on the 78 Kerala festivals are also provided in the app. The website holds around 1,113 exclusive pictures of Kerala. Of these high quality pictures, 200 of them are also found in the app. Similarly, the website has 764 videos of destinations and festivals of Kerala while the app contains 294 of these videos. You can download app from here:

 Monsoon Packages

The Monsoon packages that have been specially launched this monsoon season are included in the app and the Kerala tourism website. Detailed information on the packages is available at the Kerala tourism website

There are a total number of 162 packages, of which 106 packages are added by the tour operators. There are also 65 service providers involved with the package.

For Monsoon Packages, visit:

The package has received over a hundred enquiries.

 Toilet Survey

The Kerala tourism app and website has published information of about 914 toilets. With this, information on 152 E-Toilets will be added soon. With more toilets being added, each toilet is selected after personally inspecting and ensuring the cleanliness of the toilets. As the next step, public toilets at bus stations and way sides (which may not be hygienic) will also be added. Three to four reference photos of the toilets can be seen in the app so that the user can identify the quality of the toilets by viewing it in the app itself.

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