Goa to integrate ayurveda, allopathy to treat Covid-19 patients

After Kerala, another Indian state Goa has decided to use ayurveda, along with allopathy, in prevention and treatment of Covid-19 cases by providing integrated treatment to both patients and those under quarantine.

“Happy to announce that the Government of Goa has approved usage of AYUSH medicines along with allopathy for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in Goa, one of the first states to do so,” tweeted Shripad Y Naik, Union Minister of State for AYUSH.

The Goa government in tie up with the union AYUSH ministry has also launched a mobile app ‘Ayur GoaCovid-19’.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant said Goa is the first state to introduce an integrated treatment programme for COVID-19 patients and as well as those under quarantine.

“This has been done in consultation with the team of doctors treating Covid-19 cases…While Ayurveda might not treat Covid-19, it will boost immunity. The patients and those under quarantine will be given guidance on ayurvedic methods to boost immunity,” the chief minister, himself an ayurvedic practitioner, said.

So far seven coronavirus cases have been reported in the coastal state.

The Kerala government has also drawn up an action plan that includes setting up of Ayurvedic Covis-19 response cells, Ayur Raksha clinics, use of Ayurveda for boosting immunity and specific ayurvedic treatment to cured Covid-19 patients in the recovery phase to help them regain health.

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