Ayurveda Teacher’s Association formed

The first-ever national Ayurveda teachers’ conference held at Rajiv Gandhi E-learning Academy auditorium at the Parvati Industrial Estate, Pune inaugurated by Dr. Manoj Kesari, advisor, Ministry of AYUSH and Dr Shivaram Savarikar, advisor, medical education, Maharashtra government announced the formation of an Ayurveda Teachers’ Association. This decision was announced on August 20; 2018.

The conference was organised to provide a platform to all Ayurveda teacher across India ,from private, deemed, government-aided and government institutes, to express their opinion on challenges and matters affecting Ayurvedic education and Ayurvedic teachers.

Dr Manoj Nesari, said, “The major problem of Ayurveda teachers is the low pay they’re getting. At AYUSH, we are coming up with new policies to improve the pay for Ayurveda teachers.”

“AYUSH is networking with other ministries like railway and labour for starting dedicated Ayurveda departments at their hospitals, which can provide new opportunities to budding doctors,” he added.

Dr Rahul Suryavanshi, president, Ayurveda Teachers’ Association, said “This is first-ever such conference organised in the history of India Ayurveda education.”

Source: Express News Service

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