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" Life is fast, and we need everything quicker, even if diseased, we need quicker relief. Anyhow we need to come back to the pace of nature, we need to follow a healthy routine and we need to be careful, not to break the golden laws of nature. "

It is just 8 months passed, since I came to know the word ‘Ayurveda’. Believe it or not, I have changed tremendously after that moment!

In this note I just wish to share my journey, started from my motherland to the land of Ayurveda. I am from Indonesia, my name is Kadek Dwi Muras Mei Permata Sari, or simply call me ‘Kadek’ ! Now I am 19 years old, doing my BAMS course in Aroor Laxmi Narayana Rao Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College in Koppa, Chickmagalor district, Karnataka.

Ayurveda is not so popular In Indonesia. Thank God, If I haven’t reached here, me also won’t be much aware about this amazing science of healing.

It was my parents , who decided to send me here to learn Ayurveda. But after my schooling, I had a feeling deep inside me that I have to go abroad to learn something, but I didn’t know what exactly was that to learn. Besides, it was so difficult for me to live away from my loved ones. Now I am so thankful to my parents, because, without their support I will never be able to come here and learn Ayurveda.

First 4 months in the college was of difficulties. Basic Ayurveda lessons were in Sanskrit, a language which was totally alien to me! But now, I understand the depth and beauty of this language. Even though I am not an expert in it, and even though I am not able to understand actual pronunciation of many words, I can assure you one thing. Just start by hearting the slokas! For a beginner, it may be difficult, but when you are on track, it will be so easy for you, and moreover, if you could remember at least a single word of the verse, the whole will suddenly flash into your mind. I think this is the peculiarity of Sanskrit. Words in a verse have an unseen connection, an uninterrupted flow, which makes it easy to imprint the whole text into your mind. (I have experienced this many times in examination hall!) I think big theories/ philosophy expressed in small, accurate verses are so intelligent a method to keep the whole knowledge in your mind without failing to remember. For an Ayurveda practitioner, this is much helpful.

In Indonesia we have traditional medicine, but we don’t have special colleges to learn traditional health science. There is one such Institution in Bali started in 2007: Universitas Hindu Indonesia (UNHI), Denpasar. One such traditional medicine which I use is Antangin JRG (Indonesian herbal medicine), good for stomach related problems. This medicine contains zingiberis rhizome, ginseng, and honey.

(It is so funny to remember now that before coming to India, Ibelieved that Ayurveda cures people using mantras only)!

Kadek Dwi Muras

This verse which I learned in the beginning changed my whole ideas about Ayurveda: “svastasya svastya raksanam aathurasya vikara prasamanam” – Which means the aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the health (svastya) of healthyperson(svastya) and remove disease(vikara) of the diseased person (atura). It shows how broad a vision this science has!

It is so unfortunate to see that, despite all these technical advancements today, we have diseases increasing in number and impact, day by day! Now I can say that, the main reason is we have not a single drop of faith in nature’s power. Life is fast, and we need everything quicker, even if diseased, we need quicker relief. Anyhow we need to come back to the pace of nature, we need to follow a healthy routine and we need to be careful, not to break the golden laws of nature.

On food

I like this lesson of Ayurveda very much: ”Never eat when you are not hungry”. Man is the only animal lacking proper sense to control eating when he is sick. Ayurveda teaches that ‘food need to be fresh, natural, whole and simple(pathya food)’. Food as nature made it, not as man mucks about with it. Every other creature on earth is satisfied with water to quench its thirst. Man is not so! (The most important food is oxygen, without it we die in three minutes). The best way to increase oxygen intake is to exercise in fresh air (Pranayama).

Ayurveda has another dimension, it considers our ‘whole’ self, and Ayurveda teaches us ways leading to peace. Peace comes from thoughts of love , faith, and forgiveness , and that is the way to be in harmony with nature . The secret of health lies in what we eat, the physical work we give to our body, and the thoughts we hold in our minds. The human body is an incredibly marvelous instrument, if we give it the respect it deserves. It will repay us with good health. This is the wisdom Ayurveda shares with us: how to maintain health with proper lifestyle.

It is good to see that our Government is stepping forward to institute Ayurvedic hospitals in Indonesia. My friend Komang from Indonesia is now on her fourth year of BAMS in an Ayurveda college in Chennai. Last year, it was me and my friend Arcci, (we both study in same college) got opportunity to visit India from our country to learn Ayurveda. And for this year also our country will be sending 3 students for studying Ayurveda.

And the kind support from our country reminds me of my responsibilities. Indonesia started sending more students to India than previous year, which indicates the bright future of Ayurvedic practices in our country. I am so grateful  for getting this opportunity to learn Ayurveda and I wish to become a lecturer of Ayurveda in our country.

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