BIS introduces standards for Ayurveda equipment

Ayurveda is an ancient practice focused on improving the health and wellness of an individual that has been around for centuries. Despite its proven efficacy, Ayurveda had to face the brunt of modern medicine for lack of scientifically validated standards in treatment. 

With traditional medicine making a comeback into the global healthcare scene and with the 'Heal in India' campaign bringing new eyes to India's traditional medicine sector, the time was ripe to standardize Ayurveda and bring it up to modern-day specifics.

Thursday last week, The Bureau of Indian Standards brought out standards for equipment used in Ayurveda traditional therapies and traditional medicine after a meeting with various stakeholders, including manufacturers of Ayurveda drugs.

The move is expected to streamline the industry. It is imperative to bring standards to safeguard patients' well-being. The BIS standards will specify the basic requirements of the equipment and materials to be used, and the various tests involved. 

The BIS is creating awareness on standards related to Panchkarma equipment like 'droni' and 'shirodhara yantra' which are equipment used in Ayurveda procedures, and also on Ashvagandha root specification, which will be covered by the standard IS 18098:22.

Presently, the BIS is in the process of identifying manufacturers, ayurveda practitioners, and researchers of ayurvedic sciences to sensitize them to standards and promote uniformity in design, and materials used for efficacy of treatment. 

The standards are of voluntary certification, and the manufacturers will be encouraged to register with BIS for licenses, officials said. 

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