Centre constitutes National Turmeric Board, aims $1 Billion in exports by 2030

The Government of India last Wednesday notified the constitution of the National Turmeric Board. The new board will focus on the development and growth of turmeric and turmeric products by facilitating greater coordination with the Spices Board and other government agencies in the sector.

The Board will leverage the significant potential and interest the world over in the health and wellness benefits of turmeric to explore new markets and develop the traditional knowledge for value-added turmeric products.

The Board will also promote quality and food safety standards, and take steps to further safeguard and usefully exploit turmeric’s full potential for humanity. These activities will contribute towards the greater well-being of the turmeric growers and provide better realization for their produce.

The Chairperson of the Board will be appointed by the Central Government. It will have members from various ministries, representatives from three states, select national/state institutions, representatives of farmers, and a Secretary to be appointed by the Department of Commerce.

India is the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of turmeric. During 2022-23, 1.534 lakh tonnes of turmeric products valued at 207.45 million USD were exported. With the focused activities of the Board, it is expected that turmeric exports will reach USD 1 Billion by 2030.

Turmeric is used in Ayurveda to balance all three doshas—vata, pitta, and kapha. It has beneficial effects on the tissues of the blood, plasma, and lymph. It promotes healthy digestion and supports the liver, muscles, and immune system.

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