Ayurveda soap, Medimix turns 50

Kochi, 12thJune 2019: AVA Group, manufacturers of the world’s largest selling handmade soap Medimix, celebrates 50 years of its glorious journey. The company still maintains the legacy and originality of handcrafted soap in the era of mechanized production. Medimix originated in 1969 in Chennai when Dr. V.P. Sidhan, who was a doctor with the Indian Railways, began making soap to treat skin ailments in railway workers. Buoyed by its mention on prescriptions written by doctors treating skin conditions and the confidence his friends placed in him, the homemade remedies for skin ailments turns into a successful business proposition and creates a legacy product. The manufacturing process of Medimix is very interesting and unique. The employees come up with innovative ideas and ways and designed machineries that work without using electricity. Every month, the company receives ideas from all workers and in-house team studies these ideas. If the trial is successful, the company implements the idea across its units.

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