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Sportspersons want to break records, not their bones. They neither want to sprain their muscles, nor suffer from some other injury and say good bye to their chosen field. But sometimes fate has it that they sustain injuries. Treatments in modern medicine are often helpless. But do not lose hope, yet. Daisman Ayurkendra, Sports Medicine & Nutrition Research Centre, with its nuanced approach of combining India’s ancient medical science and yoga, has become a beacon of hope for hundreds of sportspersons who were on the verge of leaving their chosen field. Daisman is India’s first and only Ayurvedic sports medicine injury management and rehabilitation centre. Our doctors are specialised in sports medicine, sports injury management and rehabilitation. The services of sports physiotherapists, fitness trainers, sports nutritionists and sports psychologists are also available here.

We are the only centre in India that has treated more than 7,000 cases of injuries to sports persons including national and international athletes. Many medal winners of the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games have been successfully treated by us. Our centre has conducted official training programme for the Sports Authority of India (SAI), and organised more than 100 sports medicine workshops across the country. We were the first ones in Asia to develop a body composition analysis software. Apart from treating bone and spine disorders, fractures, etc., we also offer orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Sports injuries

We specialise in the management of sports injuries like meniscal tear, ligament tear, rotator cuff tear, hamstring tear, groin injury, shin pain, calf muscle strain, plantar fascitis, unknown foot pain, mid foot pain of athletes, thigh injuries (quadriceps), shoulder dislocations, ankle sprain grade I, II and III, ankle fracture, wrist injuries, triangular fibrous cartilage tear, muscle imbalance, back pain, disc prolapse, neck pain, achilles tendonitis, pattellar dislocation, fracture of fore arm, ankle, lower leg (conservative treatment), chronic muscle injuries, chronic shoulder injuries and myofascial pain.

What’s unique about Daisman

Combining Ayurveda and Yoga gives excellent results The unique approach to the management of sports injuries that combines Ayurveda, physiotherapy and Yoga has attained excellent results in various cases. We have successfully treated 7,000 cases including 276 national level and more than 800 State-level athletes. Management of sports injuries and rehabilitation are to be carried out with great care and responsibility as an athlete is a national asset. The treatment methods at our centre include Ayurvedic medication, Marma therapy, oil massage, range of motion exercises, strength training, proprioception, conditioning, core stabilisation along with physiotherapy modalities, muscle stimulators, bandaging with herbal combinations (upanaha swedha), deep heat therapies (with oil, stone, herbal leaves,dried herbal powder, sand and salt bag), etc. Expert knowledge in modern sports medicine , training modalities, periodisation, biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, sports physiotherapy and sports nutrition is essential for the management and rehabilitation of injured sports persons. Many of the treatment modalities adopted for sports injuries are very specific. Any faulty training or exercise may adversely affect a sportsperson’s career. The treatment mode should be chosen scientifically based on the nature of the sport.

Back to the pole, thanks to Daisman

Dija Chandran, national record holder in pole vault, is the beneficiary of the nuanced approach of Daisman Clinic towards sports injuries. Daughter of Chandran, Vazhikkadavu, Nilambur Via, Malappuram district, Kerala, Dija was suffering from static lower back pain for one year. She started getting slight back pain during practice. Later, it aggravated while sitting and standing. She consulted many doctors at superspeciality hospitals in Kerala and Coimbatore. Many orthopedic surgeons did not have an answer to her problem. They asked her to stop sports activities and take rest. She was told about the option of surgery in case of the problem getting worse. Finally, one of the orthopaedic surgeons told her about their limitation in treating her kind of condition, and referred her to us. We combined Ayurveda treatment procedures and Yoga to treat her. The condition of the patient was quite promising after two months. She was able to sit and bend the spine without pain, and started doing sports-specific exercises. After five months, she remarkably improved and was totally pain free while doing almost all activities. She went on to win the gold medal in pole vault by creating a personal record of 3.30 metres.

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