‘Ayurveda e-Commerce’ to help you set up global online store

 The omnipresence of internet has evolved further with traditional and physical entities forced to go offline in the wake of unprecedented challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The future is all about keeping pace with the changing times, with a move 'online' promising to be the catalyst for entrepreneurs to have successful businesses.

The merits are many – access to a global base of customers, round-the-clock business hours and limited human resources. Added to this is the big factor of cost effectiveness as one can forget all about contract fees, agency commissions, delayed payments, sales return, unpredictable sales targets and marketing costs.

‘Ayurveda Magazine’, which has two decades of reputation and global presence through different international language editions, has associated with renowned digital venture ‘Secondsight’ to offer aspiring entrepreneurs cost effective fool- proof Online Ayurveda Shops. ‘Secondsight’ is a 20-year-old web development company which has done many eCommerce sites including the shopping site for ‘Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam’, pioneers in traditional Ayurveda in Kerala.

The investment for setting up a standard basic module online shop is just Rs 15,000, and ‘Ayurveda e-Commerce’ can prepare premium online shops within a few days based on the requirements of the companies.

Why online shop?

Lower establishment & running costs

The cost of actually setting up an e-commerce website is lower than that for an offline business. The whole sales system for your business is automated online. You will therefore save on staff, wages and other business costs which usually forms part of daily operating expenses just like electricity, rent, etc.

Business can be operated from anywhere in the world

E-commerce websites bypass the geographical restrictions you would normally face with an office-based business. You can be anywhere in the world and still successfully oversee your e-commerce business. The essential items you need in order to oversee your e-commerce website from anywhere are: having access to emails, the internet and phones.


E-commerce websites are very effective in allowing you to determine which products sell successfully and monitor your inventories. Additionally, you can always work on ways to diversify your product range. This will allow you to grow your business in terms of sales, customer base and profits. As all details are available online, you can manage the inventory well.

No time restrictions

With e-commerce websites, there is no restriction on your potential customers as they can view your website at any time of the day. This means, as a business, you are maximising your sales and profits. You can even do a range of sales initiatives such as special offers and online marketing initiatives.

You can also employ a range of powerful marketing initiatives on your website to woo new customers such as special, time sensitive offers. (As and when required, companies can offer special packages, offers, discounts etc considering market situation or seasons).

Measurable model

E-commerce websites are in fact extremely measurable and trackable. You can view statistics including the number of orders processed by your site, average cart total, cart abandonment rate and percentage of total revenue your website has achieved at regular intervals. E-commerce advertising costs are also lower than many other forms of advertising. You could employ a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy to increase your website page rankings in Search Engines. This would be a steady ongoing monthly investment.

Less time intensive

Once your e-commerce website has been set up, you need not invest too much time to run it. This is because the whole process for customers ordering and making payments will be activated through the online system. This will give you more time for strategizing new product launches, special offers you want to offer and to track how successful your sales are. You will also be able to determine any trends in terms of which products are selling the most.

Higher margins & better cash flow

By avoiding an agent, you save on agency commission which is not less than 25%. That's a lot of money. This will make the profits you make on your products even higher. The shopping cart and payment options on these websites also mean you realise 100% payment from the customer straightaway. This will improve your cash flow, particularly when customers provide you with payments in several installments.

Think quick and act with alacrity. We are at your service!


(For more details or further clarifications, contact Benny Thomas on 9846121715l or write to marketing@ayurvedamagazine.org) 

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