Ayurveda – die Wissenschaft des Lebens to partner with 4th International Ayurveda Congress

Ayurveda is a medical science that is naturally associated with India. Of late, this science is seen to step into foreign soil to become a global phenomenon. As part of this initiative a German Ayurveda publication – “Ayurveda – die Wissenschaft des Lebens” will associate with the 4th International Ayurveda Congress as its official media partner. This event will be held in Netherlands and will explore a 340-year relationship with this country. The Congress will focus on ‘Traditional Natural Remedies from India and Europe.’ It will have lectures by renowned scholars in Ayurveda and presentations by research scientists. There are also public lectures on natural healthcare for everyone. The event will be supported by the Ministry of AYUSH and The Embassy of Hague, Netherlands. The Congress will be held from 1 to 2 September 2018, at Leiden, The Netherlands. The organizers of the event include, All India Ayurvedic Congress, New Delhi; International Maharishi Ayurveda Foundation, Netherlands; International Academy of Ayurveda, Pune.

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