National seminar on Rasashastra Medicines

A National seminar on rasashastra medicines is scheduled to be held at Siddhakala ayurved mahavidyalaya sangamner on 27-28 Aug 2013.
The scientific programme will comprise keynote address, guest lectures, oral presentations, poster presentations and live demonstrations of rasa kaplanas. All BAMS/ MD/MS students, Teachers, Ayurveda physicians all over India are being invited to participate in this event. The main topics of the seminar:

History of Indian alchemy, Current scenario of rasashastra medicines and its Regulatory affairs, Scope of these medicines to medical science, Researches going on the rasashastra medicines, Pharmaceutical processes of various rasashastra kalpanas, Controversies for ras medicines and its justification, Standardisation and Qa/ Qc of these medicines, Pharmacovigilance of the rasashastra medicines, New technologies to analyze these drugs and their standardisation like xrd,xef,ICP-MS etc.

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