Fourth Global Ayurveda Festival from Mar 12 to 19

The fourth Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF) will be held from March 12 to 19 next year. In the new normal, the world’s largest festival of Ayurveda community is being held in a high-end electronic gateway with the additional provision of viewing the digital platforms for an extended period of time.

The event, originally scheduled for May 2020, picked up an unprecedented global momentum, with the participation and pledge of support from the official representatives of 60+ countries in a meeting organized by the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi in early February 2020. But it had to be postponed due to the impact of the Covid pandemic. The event, by then, had created an encouraging national interest among the stakeholders of Ayurveda and the larger public.

“The programme will include all the components we originally planned during 16-20 May 2020 - International Seminar, Exhibition and Business Meet and all other regular integral events. As the pandemic period is getting extended.., we have made plans to host it on a virtual platform without diluting the intended intensity, size, impact and participation,” said Dr G G Gangadharan, Secretary General, 4th GAF, & President, Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA).

The focal theme for the international seminar is ‘Strengthening Host Defence System – Ayurveda a Potential Promise’.

Papers can be submitted on the focal theme or the 14 sub-themes, both for oral and poster mode of presentations. The last date for the submission abstract is 25th December 2020. This virtual seminar would provide exquisite opportunities to showcase research to the international gathering and systems of medicine. For the submission of abstracts online, visit the website

For further queries, contact Dr S Venu – 8075222435.

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