Now Railways turn to alternative medicine for immunity boosting

As the Covid-19 threat looms large, more and more public entities are turning to alternative medicine as a way to boost immunity of their workforce. After the State police departments, the Indian Railways have started distributing AYUSH medicines to its employees as a preventive measure.

“In continuation of our efforts to combat Covid-19, it has been decided to distribute 20 grams of Kabasura Kudineer herbal powder to each employee as recommended by the Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi, and Health & Family Department, Tamil Nadu,” the Southern Railway said in a recent circular issued among over 11, 000 strong work force at the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.

Kabasura kudineer is a Siddha herbal regimen and many research institutes are experimenting it as an integrative treatment method against the virus infection. Authorities at the National Institute of Siddha on Tuesday claimed to have treated 13 Covid-19 patients admitted to the SRM Medical College and Hospital using the formula.

The circular elaborates on how to use the herbal regimen: -

-- Dissolve five gms of Kabasura Kudineer Herbal Powder in 240 ml of water.

-- Boil it well and reduce to 60 ml.

-- Filter the same and drink this within three hours before food.

-- The intake of Kashayam dosage is 60 ml for adult and 30 ml for children.

“Since the above herbal powder will boost the immunity and improve resistance towards infections, employees are requested to follow the above said advice,” the circular says.

According to top railway officials, the individual railway divisions or units can take a decision on the immunity boosting measures.

Earlier this month, the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), under Ministry of AYUSH, has tied up with the Delhi police to provide immunity boosting ayurvedic medicines to nearly 80, 000 personnel who are at risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus. The recommended formulations include Chyawanaprasha (Amla as main content), Anu Taila and SanshamaniVati (prepared from Guduchi). Soon the counterparts in states like Maharashtra and Kerala too asked their personnel to take Ayurvedic immunity boosting medicinal courses.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Railways appealed that persons with co-morbidities (hypertension, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, immune deficiency conditions among others), pregnant women, children below the age of 10 years and persons above 65 years of age may avoid travel by train, except in emergency cases.

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