&Me – The Women Centric Ayurvedic Drinks

&Me is an ayurvedic drinks start-up by Ankur Goyal (graduate from Stanford Business School) that seeks to empower women by prioritizing their health first. This women-focused bioactive drinks serves to meet the unique functional needs of women across menstrual health, fitness and beauty. The drinks target problems like PCOS, PMS, and other female-specific nutrient requirements.

&Me drinks are a result of nine months of rigorous R&D, involving gynaecologists, dieticians, nutritionists, extensive research reports and consumer feedbacks. The brand uses the wisdom of Ayurveda to provide women with proper nutrients. “Every ingredient that our drinks use has a related research paper explaining the significance of the ingredient in combating the challenges associated with PMS and PCOS,” shares Goyal.

Citing some of his research findings, he mentions, “One in five women is diagnosed with PCOS and three out of four experience PMS symptoms. Over 50 per cent of women are calcium and iron deficient. &Me tries to alleviate exactly this dismal health status of women.”

According to Goyal, the vision of his company is to create and own a ‘Women’s Health’ aisle section in every online and offline store. With &Me, he wishes to drive home a larger point -leading the effort in driving awareness of women’s nutritional health.

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