5 Minutes to Reduce High Blood Pressure Sans Medications

The procedure is very simple:

Points 1-2
By touching or massaging gently with the tips of your fingers, you should lightly press on your hand from bottom up. 
By pressing gently, follow the line from bottom to top, 10 times on each side of the hand.

Point 3

There is a pressure point in your face, just a half an inch away from the height of your ear lobe. The line stretches from your ear lobe towards your nose.

Both sides should be massaged for a minute. Do not apply excessive pressure. You should be at ease not in pain. The goal is to feel pressure on the needed place.

Your blood pressure will fall slowly, do not be insecure. Do this and you will see for yourself.

The Chinese medicine proves that if these pressure points are massaged , the blood flow will regulate and prevent diseases.

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