Know the Ayurvedic regimens to boost immunity

These are hard times with the deadly Covid-19 showing no signs of abating. In-fact, the infection is spreading faster in many countries that call for a mass action, where each individual is required to do his part. An effective way is to boost own immunity to prevent the disease or reduce intensity upon affliction. Dr S Ajith, renowned Ayurvedic practitioner and Founder of Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies, suggests some effective daily regimens in this regard:-

1)         While brushing every morning, make sure to clean your tongues too. While brushing is important to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases, one should not neglect the tongues. Bacteria from mouth, food and drinks often breed on the tongue’s rough surface which can all be removed by regular tongue scrapping.

2)         Have a simple detox drink in the morning. Take some warm water and add ginger, honey and lemon juice. The decoction is useful to flush out toxins from the gut.

3)         Another effective regimen, especially against Covid-19, is to do ‘Nasya’ (administration of drugs through the nasal cavity) twice a day. You can apply three drops of black sesame oil to inner nostrils. This will remove mucus and forms a protective layer.

4)         Do gargle with warm water, mixed with black salt, twice a day.

5)         Every night, you should take steam inhalation to soothe and open nasal passages. Boil two litres of water and add 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil. Cover yourself with a blanket and do seven minutes of inhalation. This too will open up the channels and help expel mucus from your lungs. This way you are not letting the virus get activated.

6)         Similarly, you should take 10 to 15 deep long slow breath in a day. The virus attacks your respiratory system, which means your blood will have less oxygen and lacking the vitality to fight off the disease. Deep breathing helps increase the oxygen intake.

7)         Keep an eye on what you are eating.  Always make sure to have only warm and cooked food. The food need to get metabolised before it gives nutrients to nourish your body. Otherwise it will result in more toxins and less nutrients.

8)         The intake of a simple detox drink throughout the day will stabilise your immune system. Take three litre water, 1.5 inch fresh ginger, six green cardamom, two black cardamom, fennel seed (one ta spoon), clove (one inch) and cinnamon stick. Boil the same to reduce the solution to 1.5 litres. The benefits of the decoction are many including proper digestion.

9)         Don’t end up over-drinking water which not only dampens the digestive fire but also provides extra load to kidneys.

(As told during a recent webinar on the topic ‘Ayurveda for Covid-19 Prophylaxis’, organised by the Ayush Valley Foundation in association with the Ayurveda & Health Tourism Magazine)

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