Yoga locator – an app to locate yoga centres, instructors

The AYUSH Ministry has launched a mobile application to enable people to locate yoga events, centres providing training and instructors.

Yoga locator- a map-based location app – will also enable yoga instructors to register themselves and reach out to a large number of people, a senior official of the ministry said.

“People want to know where they can go for yoga training or to pursue a yoga course. This app ‘yoga locator’ will help them locate yoga centres as well as yoga instructors within the preferred radius of their vicinity. Their aim is to encourage and help more and more people to adopt yoga,” he said.

It will be a permanent app, which will give information to people about yoga activities happening in their vicinity throughout the year, the official said.

It is estimated that there are more than two lakh yoga instructors in the country.

Source: PTI

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