Australian Shephard’s amazing Yoga skills take netizens by storm

A brief clip showing an Australian Shephard dog doing Yoga postures perfectly with her mistress has gone viral.

It features the dog Secret helping her pet mom Mary carry the Yoga mat and then working out the Yoga postures flawlessly along with his caretaker.

“Here’s some clip of our doga together this morning. I hope someday there will be an international doga day too,” read the caption.

The 20-second video was originally posted on the Instagram page 'Mary and Secret', which has over 1.2 million followers, on International Yoga Day. An Instagram page ‘Dogs & Puppies’ then shared it online the other day and has gone viral.

“So obsessed with this amazing dog,” read the caption of the post shared along with the video.

The dog can be seen lifting its head up and down, stretching hands to both sides without moving the body, falling backward without fear, and even nailing the one-legged Yoga posture with perfection.

It’s clear that morning Yoga stretches are part of the lives of the dog and the pet mom, sharing a close bond.

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