Eye treatment research projects at 10 Ayurveda universities

A decision has been taken at the International Ayurveda Conference held at Koothattukulam to start study and research on treatment of different eye disorders. This was planned to start at 10 different Ayurveda universities in the country.

Some of these 10 centres include: The Ayurveda University, Ramnagar, Banaras University, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, Ahmedabad University, Pune Tilak University.

This decision was taken at the International Conference on Ayurvedic Understanding and Management of Diabetic Retinopathy that was held together with The Association of Shalaki, from 19th to 22nd July at Sreedhareeyam Campus, Koothattukulam.

A team of experts from the Sreedhareeeyam Ayurveda Eye Research Centre spoke on the different eye disorders caused due to diabetes, which is a popular life-style disorder of the time.

A team of doctors led by Dr. N Narayanan Nampoothiri  conducted research on various topics and submitted reports. The team consisted of Chief Medical Officer at Sreedhareeyam, Srikanth P Nampoothiri; Dr. N P Sreekala; Dr. Manjsri Sreejith; Dr. Anjali Srikanth; Dr. Sreejith Sreekumar.

Another team consisting of Dr. Vaibhav Sethi, New Delhi; Dr. P K Shanthakumari, Thiruvananthapuram; Dr. Krishnakumar, Lucknow; Dr. Nandini Jadav, New Delhi; Dr. Ganga Hadimani, Gujarat; Dr. Gururaj Nadikar, Karnataka; Dr. Arunkumar , Uttarakhand; Dr. Priyanka Rani; Dr. NP Sreerag, Sreedhareeyam; presented scientific research papers on different eye diseases, their treatment and the food pattern to be followed.

The concluding conference was held on 22 July 2018 and was inaugurated by the Union AYUSH Minister, Shripad Yesso Naik. The meeting was presided by MLA Anoop Jacob. Advisor to AYUSH, Dr. DC Ghatok, delivered the key note address. The meeting concluded with a message by Ayurveda Deputy Drugs Controller, Dr. T D Sreekumar.

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