Ayurveda –Elixir of life.

Amanda Matalavea, from New Zealand, who visited Kerala recently shares her wonderful experience with the healing energies of Auyrveda.
Ayurveda –Elixir of life.
“I am a New Zealander but have spent most of my adult life in the UK, after an unhealthy marriage and several years working in the financial industry in a very fast paced environment, I became burnt out.

I couldn’t take the pace anymore, I felt incomplete and not in harmony with myself. My skin was dry, deep wrinkles were forming (I was even thinking of botox) Little did I realize that the premature aging of my skin was all down to the unbalances in my body. Although I was succeeding in my career /s I felt like I didn’t know who I was and had lost the true meaning of life.

I knew if I carried on this way, I would not only be living an unhappy but unhealthy life and not being present and open to what beauty life really is. I decided to take a sabbatical from my job and take a year out to begin this self journey. (eat pray love year my mother calls it.)

11 months later, after visits to New Zealand and reconnecting with family and friends around the globe , yoga retreats and meeting many new and wonderful friends it was on this path that I met an amazing woman whom was just glowing and so in balance with life mentioned to me “Ayurveda”.

It was at this time being a bit more open to listening to myself from within that this struck a cord with me and enticed me to find out more on what Ayurveda was about. Since I was in India and had just finished being a part of the Divine Shakti festival held at the Kumbh Mela (one of the world’s biggest spiritual gatherings) and travelling around the north of India I decided to work the magic of the web and google this fascinating subject and find a place where I could not only receive treatments but also train in the subject to gain a deeper understanding.

Where best to go but Kerala the birth place of “Ayurveda”.

After numerous searches I found an Ayurvedic centre in Kerala, Nagarjuna Ayurvedic centre, Kalady. I feel so blessed to have reached Kerala, truly magical a place – I have been astounded by how many patients have been coming here for numerous years and hearing their wonderful stories of how Ayurveda has helped them in so many ways in their life – be it physically, mentally or spiritually.

I am now in my last few days of my stay…
I feel uplifted and have such clarity in my mind. My skin looks and feels 10 years younger and I feel focused in what I am truly meant to be doing. My waste management system is finally after many years of being lazy is working properly if I hadn’t of addressed this problem it can lead to many diseases.

Learning this age old science has taught me just how important our health really is and how easily it is affected by our everyday life in everything we eat, do, feel and say. Everything in life effects our institutions and the importance to know this is to prevent diseases of all kinds.

I feel truly uplifted (physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and intellectually). My skin looks and feels 10 years younger and I feel focused in what I am truly meant to be doing.

I will continue to study Ayurveda and its science and also share with my clients in a new job I have decided to create – the practice I have learnt to help bring balance to their busy lives as well through panchakarama.

I feel so strongly about this that hopefully one day this seed will grow in to much more as it is so important for each and every one of us and for our universe as a whole”.

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