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I am a regular reader of ‘Ayurveda and Health Tourism’. I really do believe in the curative efficacy of Ayurveda. I am writing this for my 16 year old daughter. Her problem is nothing but hair fall. She is so worried about this and we have tried some of the popular Ayurvedic hair care oils available in the market, but none of them proved effective as their advertisements claim. They show temporary relief only. Kindly help us in this regard. My daughter is a thin, tall girl having a mixed diet. Presently she is not having any health issue other than this. Is this a problem due to lifestyle? She goes to bed bit late in night due to her studies, and wakes up early in the morning, and she likes hot and spicy food. Please help us with your suggestions.
Thanking you, Jalaja Nair, Bangalore.
Hello Smt. Jalaja Nair,

I do appreciate your belief in Ayurveda. And I am sure that your belief will not be in vain.
Hair fall is a very common problem these days, especially among the young people. There can be many reasons behind this. Improper dietary habits Poor general health, longstanding illnesses/medications, Hormonal imbalances (e.g.: thyroid dysfunctions, PCOD), Poor capacity for assimilation of micronutrients (Agnimandyam) and heredity are a few to list out. Identifying the causative mechanism gives specificity to treatment. Application of oils on head is not a fail-safe measure always. In your daughter’s case, lifestyle can be a factor if we can exclude the element of heredity completely. The load of studies and inadequate sleeping hours will be putting its stress on the system. But at this point of time I am sure, these factors cannot be eliminated. So let us try a simple remedy. Until her exams are over give 10 gms of Kallyanakagulam orally at bedtime. And for her head, try Bhujagalathadi Keram. Meantime, check the status of her thyroid function. And also make sure that het monthly periods are regular and uneventful. Later, a detailed consultation with an Ayurvedist may be considered.

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