Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

 Take Anardana (Pomegranate seed) and apply some black salt and Kali Mirch (Peppercorns) powder on these Anar seeds. Use these seeds in stomach ache or abdominal pain.

2 Take equal amount of Adrak (Ginger) and Pudina (Mint, Peppermint) extract. Mix some saindhava namak (Rock salt) in it. Use this mixture to end stomach ache or abdominal pain. This is best home remedy to stop vomit also.

3 Chew some roasted Saunf/Sanchal (Fennel seed) in stomach ache or abdominal pain. This is more commonly used Ayurvedic home remedies for stomach ache in homes.

4 In home remedies for stomach ache, Neem/nimb (Azadirachta indica) is also used. Take equal amount of 8-10 gram of each Neem seeds, Tulsi (Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum) leaves, Sonth (Dried ginger) and 10 Kali Mirch (Peppercorns). Prepare the fine powder of all these 4 herbs and lick this powder in stomach ache treatment.

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