Vistara rolls out Yoga-inspired in-flight safety video

Vistara, a joint venture of Tata group and Singapore Airlines, has introduced a new flight safety video which features in-flight safety instructions demonstrated through various Yoga asanas or postures.

The video features a senior member of the airline’s cabin crew and a certified Yoga instructor. It was shot in scenic locations including Ladakh (against the spectacular backdrop of Pangong Lake), the drive-in Kannur beach, the historic remnants of Hampi in Karnataka, the Dawki river in Meghalaya, and the grandiose cliffs of Malshej in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra.

“The video combines necessary safety instructions demonstrated through various Yoga asanas or postures. The key objective of the video is to demonstrate safety instructions in a visually appealing manner to hold the interest and attention of customers. It also aims to take customers on a relaxing journey to some of the most picturesque and off-beat locations across the length and breadth of India, showcasing the best of what the country has to offer as a travel destination,” the airline said in a statement.

“There was no better way to Vistara’s Indian roots and its global, contemporary outlook than this. Yoga is one of Indian’s greatest gifts to the world, practiced by hundreds of millions of people, and our country’s diverse landscape continues to surprise natives and visitors alike. The video combines both these aspects with important safety briefing to help travelers remain not just safe, but also arrive feeling fresh at their destinations,” said Vinod Kannan, Chief Commercial Officer.

The videos are played in Hindi and English.

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