‘Threadolysis’ the safe way for perfect eyebrows!

If eyes are the window of the soul, then eyebrows are the frame to it! Getting the eyebrows shaped is vital to one’s looks; besides it can give hint on the personality and the emotion of an individual. No wonder we get our eyebrows shaped 'rightly' more often.

Now-a-days, more and more people are opting for ‘Threadolysis’(c) for getting the perfect eyebrows than the old-fashioned method of ‘threading’. The reason, the fear of susceptibility to infections as people get saturated with daily deluge of Covid-19 news.

Then why not play it safe? While traditionally a threader holds the thread (used for shaping eye brows) between her teeth, ‘Threadolysis’(c) is all about a specially equipped device being worn around the neck like a chain. The band-like device is then used for precision works like shaping the eyebrows.

Until Covid-19 broke out, not many had suspected the old-fashioned threading technique as a “contagious” practice. But things have changed a lot in the past several months as more and more clients, especially in countries like India, turned health conscious and adhere to all possible safety measures to keep viral infections at bay.

The amazing technique, though, is being practiced in the West for some time. The inventor Manju Oberoi designed the technique two decades back not with any global pandemic in mind but for two reasons – her own personal safety and standardization of services in her salons, as well, in the industry where she was actively working, that is in the US. Also, she took the initiative to replace the traditional ways of hair removal with ‘Threadolysis’(c) to meet the strict standardization guidelines there.

The new technique is now all the more relevant to suit the changed ways of living in the wake of the alien disease. It involves no unhygienic activities unlike the traditional threading where there is a risk of minute saliva juice droplets falling on small wounds (when hair is removed) of clients.

So, the next time you head to salons, make sure you ask for ‘Threadolysis’(c) technique being used to get your eyebrows in perfect shape.

(The author is renowned international Beauty Wellness trainer and Consultant Ritika Vasudev. For any queries write to ritika@threadologist.com or Ritika@ritikavasudev.com.)

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