Coimbatore AVP formulates policies to globalise Ayurveda Research and Education

Policies are being formulated by International scientists and experts from the AryaVaidya Pharmacy and Research Foundation to globalise and standardise Ayurveda research and education across countries. According to P R Krishnakumar, head, AVP group of institutions, the outcome of the meeting would be given to the government for further developments.

It is understood that the group had been leading important research and education activities in Ayurveda in India and abroad for over seven decades. He added that Ayurveda is one of the few traditional medical systems with written manuscripts and documents unlike others.AVP has also been involved with National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA for scientific evaluation of Ayurveda.

“This was done in collaboration with the University of Los Angeles, California and University of Washington, Seattle. The study proved that scientific validation of Ayurvedic clinical practices is possible with contemporary medicine”.“AVP inked a research agreement with Latvia University and the Ministry of AYUSH to facilitate research on diabetes. Extensive studies are planned in diabetes including regional collaboration with the Avinashilingam University here to study Ayurvedic Diabetic wound management in collaboration with an European University.”

“The foundation has, in association with Molecular Diagnostics, Counselling Care and Research Centre, Coimbatore and the University of Milano, Italy undertaken a study on management of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (a rare disease condition that reduces the life expectancy of affected individuals to just 26 years) through Ayurveda.”“The institute’s MoU with Latvia University facilitated implementation of a short term course there, and helped in establishment of clinics in Latvia, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Germany, Bulgaria and Serbia.”

AVP group has established medical facilities in Malysia and Singapore.

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