Ayurveda startup NirogStreet acquihires Brahm Ayurved

Online Ayurveda platform NirogStreet said on Tuesday (July 10, 2018) that it has acquihired Brahm Ayurved, one of the largest social and professional community of ayurvedic doctors. Following the acquisition, Brahm Ayurved founder Abhishek Gupta will join Nirogstreet as co-founder and chief marketing officer.

Brahm Ayurved promotes learning, knowledge sharing, employment opportunities, industry updates, for the advancement of the community of Ayurveda practitioners. In May this year, NirogStreet launched its ecommerce venture which allows Ayurvedic doctors to order medicines directly from the manufacturers, addressing the issue of the broken supply chain for Ayurvedic medicines. The next step would be the consumer side of the business, enabling online consultations with registered doctors, and then shipping the prescribed medicines to them. According to Ram N Kumar, CEO, NirogStreet, the market for Ayurvedic medicines is at $3 billion at present, and likely to grow to $15billion over the next ten years.

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