Kerala Tourism Department Launches Monsoon Tourism Packages to Attract More Travellers

The department of Kerala tourism proposes well-planned packages to increase the flow of travellers to Kerala, this monsoon season. The department aims at delivering the special monsoon experience in Kerala to travellers from North and other states of India.

The plan focuses to create monsoon packages with the aid of travel agencies, hotels, resorts and home stays. It can be accessed through the Kerala tourism website ( or the Kerala tourism app. About 1500 hotels and resorts that have associated with the tourism department will also take part in this program. Each hotel and resort would provide the details of their special offers and packages to Kerala Tourism which will be uploaded in the Kerala Tourism website.
As Kerala is becoming a favorite monsoon spot among the domestic tourists, many hotels and resorts have designed various special packages that are included in the Kerala Tourism website.

The department has decided to promote through paid promotions and advertisements, thereby bringing more tourists to the website.

With the onset of Monsoon in Kerala, the northern parts of India would still be facing the heats of summer. This might urge the tourists from these states to visit Kerala to experience the monsoon season (

The main attraction is that the tour organizers can now be a part of this enterprise without committing to a big investment.

The department aims to create awareness among tourists about the availability of new packages by sharing the details with various other websites, thereby increasing the flow of tourists to the state.

Source: PTI

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