Dhathri Ayurveda forays into Health & Wellness segment

Dhathri Ayurveda Pvt Ltd., a renowned brand of herbal and natural products in South India, has forayed into the Health and Wellness segment, with its first-of-its kind Vitamin C rich Dhathri Ayurveda Chyavanaprasham.

Fortified with 53.5% real Amla, along with the goodness of 46 natural herbs, the Dhathri Ayurveda Chyavanaprasham is a powerful immunity booster with zero preservatives and no added sugar.

The Dhathri Ayurveda Chyavanaprasham has been formulated as per the ancient classical text – Sahasrayogam. Prepared through a synergistic blend of concentrated, nutrient-rich herbs, the Dhathri Ayurveda Chyavanaprasham is a highly effective health supplement that significantly strengthens the body’s resistance to diseases, promotes respiratory wellness, boosts healthy cognitive functioning and rejuvenates the entire system.

Free of all harmful chemicals and preservatives like potassium sorbate, it is naturally sweetened with palm jaggery that helps in improving overall metabolism.

“Today, we are living in times where the need for enhanced immunity and resistance to illness has become paramount in the lives of people and has taken precedence over every other aspect of health and wellness. Along with this, we’re also witnessing the growing adoption of Ayurveda as a way of life and preference for natural alternatives over other forms of preventive care. Moreover, 100% natural chyavanaprasham has been highly appreciated the world over for possessing multiple health benefits and addressing the preventive, promotive, and curative aspects of health. Recognizing these shifts and preferences, we have launched the Dhathri Ayurveda Chyavanaprasham; a revolutionary formulation in the immunity boosting segment,” said Bipin Cherian, Senior Vice President and Business Head, Dhathri Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd.

The Dhathri Ayurveda Chyavanaprasham will be launched in a 500 gm jar priced at INR 295 and will be available exclusively on www.amazon.in beginning 6th Aug 2020.

For more information, visit www.dhathri.com.

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