Ayurveda-based cancer hospital coming soon in Maharashtra

A 100-bed hospital and research center will be established on around 20-acre land in Khopoli, Maharashtra by Tata Memorial Hospital with a focus on research and treatment of cancer through Ayurveda. For this, funding of Rs 300 crore has been received from the Department of Atomic Energy, and the facility is expected to be operational by 2026. 

"Our clinical focus centers on exploring medicinal plant-based compounds and herbal aids to enhance current cancer treatments," said Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi, oncologist, Head and Neck Cancer department at Tata Memorial Hospital. 

"At this new center, we will cultivate 20-25 ayurvedic plants which are believed to have anti-cancer properties. Our core aim is to develop treatments that fortify post-treatment immunity, serving as a defense against disease relapse,” said Dr Chaturvedi.

Cancer management is a recurring clinical challenge, often resulting in prolonged side effects and potential recurrence. The financial burden and the side effects associated with contemporary cancer treatments are substantial. 

Exploring medicinal plant-based compounds and herbal aids to enhance current cancer treatments is the most viable alternative to this situation. The research and clinical trials will also bring much-needed scientific-based evidence to authenticate the potential of Ayurveda in cancer treatment. 

Dr Chaturvedi pointed out that many patients get misled via WhatsApp or YouTube on fake alternative medicine that claims to treat cancer. "At this new center, we will proactively explore the untapped potential of these traditional medicinal plants, and determine whether they are genuinely helpful in cancer treatment,” he said.

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