Know your Ayurveda diet based on your dosha type

It is often said that you are what you eat. Ayurveda says one has to eat according to what they are. There are three kinds of doshas in Ayurveda - Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Nature of each individual varies according to their dosha types. Ayurveda recommends a certain diet for a person who belongs to a particular dosha type. 

Kapha dosha - The Kapha dosha is based on the earth and water. Such individuals have a healthy immune system and are prone to slow metabolism, and weight gain. Spicy, filling, and acidic foods are the best diet for Kapha dosha individuals. 

Astringent fruits like apples, limes and prunes and pungent and bitter vegetables like corn, beets, spinach, and garlic are good for them. Dairy products include cottage cheese from skimmed milk, goat products, lassi, buttermilk, and meat include white chicken, freshwater fish, eggs, rabbit, and shrimp.

However sweet and sour fruits like avocados, melons, papaya, and sweet vegetables like cucumbers, sweet potato, and raw tomatoes are to be avoided. The same goes for butter, ice cream, and sour cream as well as pork and red meat. 

Pitta dosha -  The Pitta dosha is based on the fire and water elements. People with Pitta have a quick metabolism and are prone to inflammation and acne as they are sensitive to hot temperatures. Cold, sweet, light, and energy foods are the best in the diet for Pitta individuals 

Sweet fruits like apples, dates, mangoes and grapes, raisins, and sweet and bitter vegetables like asparagus, bitter melon, cabbage, and potatoes are good for them. Dairy products like ghee, butter, milk, and cheese, and meat of buffalo, white chicken, freshwater fish, rabbit, and turkey meat, along with egg whites do good on Pitta people. 

Avoid almost all sour fruits like tamarind, lemons and pineapple, as well as pungent vegetables like hot peppers, spinach and tomatoes. Dairy products like hard cheese, sour cream, and old yoghurt and most dark meats like chicken, duck, beef and seafood are not advised for Pitta people. 

Vata dosha - The Vata dosha is made from the elements of air and space (ether). The individuals with this dosha have a slim body and their mood swings according to the food they eat. They are prone to irregular appetite and digestive issues like gas.

Vata individuals should prefer sweet fruits like apricots, cooked apples, grapes, oranges and cherries, as well as cooked and root vegetables like carrots, green beans and beets. Most types of dairy like buttermilk, sour cream, yoghurt, goat products, cheese, milk, and ghee, and meats like beef, chicken, eggs, fish, duck, and buffalo are good for them. 

They have to avoid most types of dried fruits like raw apples, pomegranate, watermelon, and pears and most types of frozen, raw, or dry vegetables like potatoes, bitter melon, leafy greens, raw onions, and sprouts. They should also avoid powdered milk in dairy and meat of lamb, rabbit, venison, and turkey. 

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