E-visa facility gets popular

Thiruvananthapuram  and Kochi  international airports  have reported  the arrival of over 50,000 foreign tourists in 2016 using the e-visa facility. These airports reported 25,395 tourists from 71 countries arrived  in 2015.

In 2016, after the number of countries that got the permit to use e-visa increased to 125, the number of foreign tourists  visiting Kerala  has increased to 57,140.

Last year, around 16,848 people from 91 countries reported at  Thiruvananthapuram airport using this facility. In the same year, Kochi airport reported  the arrival of around 40,292 people from 110 countries using e-visa facility.

According to Kerala Tourism Director, UV Jose, Kerala Tourism plans to chart programmes to promote  different uses of the e-visa facility  across the world.

He said that this might attract more tourists to visit ‘God’s own country’.

Also, according to a data collected, the highest number of people who  visited Kerala using the e-visa  facility was from  the UK, 26.92  per cent, while visitors from the US and Germany formed   11.9 per cent  and 8 per  cent respectively.  France saw 6.09 per cent  people visiting the state using e-visa, Australia- 5.37% followed by the UAE – 5.02%.  December had the highest number of people who used e-visa to visit the state while June had the least number of people using facility.

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