New automated equipment for Panchakarma procedure gets patent

An advanced automated instrument that can be effectively used to carry out the complex therapeutic emesis (vamana) as part of ‘panchakarma’ treatment in Ayurveda has been accorded a patent by the Controller of Patents.

The instrument was invented by a team of researchers led by Dr. B Sreenivasa Prasad, President, Board of Ayurveda, National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM).

The automated system is equipped with monitors which show vital clinical parameters of patients during the procedure, thus aiding in continuous monitoring. It also has provisions to handle vomitus hygienically and as per the biomedical waste management policy.

“The technology is the complete solution for administering the Vamana procedure smoothly. The commercialization of the equipment is being looked into so that it can be used in hospitals across the country,” Prasad was quoted as saying.

Panchakarma is a complex Ayurvedic treatment administered to expel vitiated doshas (toxins) and uproot the disease completely and is done especially when the perturbation of doshas is severe.

The term Panchakarma means five processes. The five karmas include Nasya (instillation of nasal medication), Vamana (emesis/ vomiting), Virechana (purgation), Snehavasthi (oil enema), and Kashyayavasthi (decoction enema).

Vamana is a procedure in which waste products or toxins are eliminated through upper channels, i.e., the mouth.

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