Yoga an entry pass to ecstasy

Human mind is seen to work in astonishing ways. It can be seen that the mind works in different contrasting and complementing manners depending on how one uses it. Sometimes it can give you happiness and other times it can act as a destroyer of happiness.


Yoga is regarded as a traditional method to control the mind so as to experience peace and tranquillity in one’s life. It is also seen that during these times of technological advancements, nothing would be equal to the sharpness and lightning- speed faculty of the mind. But if a man is unable to control his mind, it can have  devastating consequences.


It is at this stage in a man’s life that Yoga steps in. Yoga can help or assist a broken down person to control his mind and body by practicing the different asanas or postures, which are the basic  tools to practice Yoga. Thus this helps him to be at harmony with himself and his surroundings. It, therefore, helps to cope with the stress in life, resulting in a peaceful mind.

Stress is subjective of the fact that one activity that is stressful for you may not be stressful to another and vice versa. Today, we can see that it in the new and fast pace of life factors that are stressing out people include, detachment and helplessness. Also today’s life-style is so demanding that one is expected to stretch beyond ones’ limit to maintain harmony and balance in the work-life puzzle.

And it is at this juncture where Yoga takes its meaning and action. Yoga is known to connect with a person’s deep spiritual and emotional inner self and build great inner strength. Yoga thus helps a person to take life slowly and thus build harmony at the seven dimensions of wellness – social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical.

Yoga, if practiced routinely, would yield results as a spa treatment to both the mental and physical faculties of a person. It conditions the mind and body in such a manner  as to carry out the demands of life with great elan and poise.

On the other hand Yoga also helps to destroy and diminish the harmful effects of stress. Setting aside a few minutes from your busy schedule to practice Yoga can have long- lasting positive effects in your life. Practicing Yoga will help you to become more focused and centered with your mind and inner self. This will also help you to have great control over your mind and cope with the stress and anxiety of daily life with ease. Thus Yoga helps a person lead a more positive andmeaningful life.


A person who lacks control over his mind is prone to a lot of mental disorders and can finally even turn suicidal. This is because the person lacks the harmony with the surroundings and within himself. This will lead to a great release of toxins in the body of the person, and his muscles tend to become more tightened and rigid. Every event of stress in a person’s life is seen to dump something destructive into his/her mind as well as body. So to tackle this issue, one should become conscious or attentive of what is happening in the person’s mind and body.

Thus by practicing Yoga a person can becomevery alert and to be fully in the present. Each asana(posture) in the practice of Yoga is,therefore, a process of transformation of the body, mind and soul. The body and the mind can be seen to be more relaxed and less rigid by slowing down the body system through conscious breathing and stretching exercises.

This activity will help one to be synchronized with both one’s internal and external self. This will make one more focused and be able to manage any stressful situation with ease. One can determine if a person is tensed, calm or happy by understanding his breathing pattern. Different thought patterns evoke different breathing patterns, controlling the flow of blood through one’s veins. Changes in breathing patterns also causes difference in the level of Oxygen supplied to each cell of the body which will, in turn, determine a person’s energy levels.

As a first or fundamental step to Yoga one does relaxation exercises, chest- opening programs, suppleness- enhancement sessions and basic breathing exercises. At this level one is seen to achieve more attentiveness of his body and this will result in being more peaceful with his inner self and outer self.

At the next stage the student of Yoga is introduced to the different asanas or body postures like forward and backward bending, stretching and twisting poses. By diligent practice of these asanas, the practitioner will able to experience amazing changes in his mind and body. The practitioner will be put into higher levels according to his/her grasping power and he/she will soon be able to master the subject.

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