Jobs in plenty for Ayurveda professionals

Kerala is one of the tourism hot spots of India. This can be attributed to its cool climate and green nature. But, today apart from all this Ayurveda and Yoga in Kerala has become one of the biggest reason for tourism in the state. It is seen that the hospitality industry as well multi-specialty hospitals are depending on Ayurveda to market themselves abroad and to woo foreign customers. This rise in demand for Ayurveda has in turn caused a demand for Ayurveda professionals. It is understood that these professionals can earn a starting salary of Rs. 10,000 after a one-year course after Plus Two. Thus, most hospitals are seen to offer Ayurveda and Yoga as an alternative method of treatment along with Allopathy. Due to the high demand for trained Ayurveda, staff placements are offered to students who have taken a break after marriage or childbirth. Even while promoting Ayurveda, most super-specialty hospitals take special care so that so that Ayurveda treatment it is not commercialized.

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