Arab Association of Urology conducting Global Survey on ‘Use of Regenerative Therapy in Male Erectile Dysfunction’

Are you someone working on efficacy of regenerative therapy to treat male erectile dysfunction (ED)? Seriously then, this could be for you.

The Arab Association of Urology is conducting a global survey on the ‘Use of Regenerative Therapy in Male Erectile Dysfunction’.

Regenerative therapies are growing modalities of treatment in erectile dysfunction but with large diversity in clinical practice. The scarcity of related large, randomized studies and the absence of clear guidelines account for more heterogeneity in recommendations and clinical applications of these therapies.

There is a growing interest in Regenerative Therapies (RT) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) since they offer the promise of reversal of the disease process and, possibly, a long-term, drug-free cure. 

RT include modalities like intracavernosal injection of stem cells or platelets-rich plasma (PRP), or the use of low-intensity shock wave therapy (LISWT). 

However, currently there are many limitations and controversies about the use of RT for ED:

- There is still a lack of large clinical trials with clear evidence about the short- and long-term efficacy and safety.     

- There is no clear understanding of the mechanisms by which RT improve the erectile function.      

- There is no clinical consensus on which type of ED, comorbidities, age groups and severity are most suited for RT.

- There is considerable variation in techniques, protocols, LIWST machines, PRP preparations, and the use of RT as sole or combined treatments.

- Hence, professional society guidelines still consider RT as experimental modalities of treatment.      

- The scarcity of training and related educational activities, and absence of insurance cover for these treatments has further restricted the wider use of these therapies.

The purpose of this global survey is to throw some light on these controversies by understanding and comparing current clinical practices around the world, the Arab Association of Urology says in a communication to enlist participants.

This research project shall provide an understanding of the current practice of regenerative therapies in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction around the world.  The results of this survey will also be used to craft expert recommendations on the use of these therapies.

The study investigators are Manaf Al Hashimi, MD (Principal investigator), Germar-Michael Pinggera, MD (Co-investigator). 

Details about the study can be had from Dr. Manaf Al Hashimi on phone +971561104660, or via email at Technical enquiries may be directed to Dr. Yudhistira on phone +6282257229782, or via email at yudhistira.pradnyan.kloping- 

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