Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital celebrates Womanhood with ‘#BeAStrongSthree’ Campaign

Kochi, 22 February, 2018: Sanjeevanam Ayurveda Hospital, the new age Ayurveda hospital combining the best of Ayurveda practices with modern concepts of medicine, announced that it would dedicate the Month of March to celebrate the Health and Well-being of Women with its ‘#BeAStrongSthree’ campaign. The Celebrations would entail Exclusive therapy retreats and Workshops for Women at its hospital in Kakanad, Kochi. Modern day women don many hats professionally and personally which requires them to seamlessly manage hurdles on a daily basis. This takes a toll on their health which leads to conditions like Hormonal imbalance, obesity, Gynaecological issues, Stress, Thyroid problems, Insomnia etc. Sanjeevanam in a small way would like to draw the attention of Women towards their health through this month-long campaign. As a part of the celebrations, the hospital will organize the ‘Sthree Arogya’, weekend workshops for Women to create awareness on general health and well-being. This unique program will focus on restoring complete physical and mental well-being. The program can be customized to suit one’s age and body conditions. The Hospital offers a weekend retreat (2 days-2 Nights) wellness workshop to address all your health problems. The retreat will take you through an integrated approach by blending blissful Ayurveda therapies with Hatha yoga, Kriya Yoga and a healthy diet regimen. The workshop promises to rejuvenate, relax and restore your body and mind with the programs designed by the in-house experts including Doctors, Yoga trainers, dieticians, and therapists.

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