Yoga asanas for women suffering from PCOS

An increasing number of women suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder that results in the enlargement of ovaries due to the formation of small cysts on the outer edges.

Often such persons experience irregular periods or have periods lasting many days, with their body producing hormone androgen in excess.

Yoga expert Kamini Bobde, in her viral YouTube video, highlights four Yoga asanas that women can practice along with the treatment for the condition.

·       Chakki Chalasana (Mill Churning pose)

1.    Sit on the floor or Yoga mat by bringing your leg straight in front of your body.

2.    Lock the finger of both hands, and bring the hands out straight before your chest.

3.    Bend forward towards the right toe such that the locked fingers go over the right toe. Assume that you are churning a mill with a strong grinder and do the rotating action first in the clockwise and then the anti-clockwise directions five to 10 times.

The benefits are many – it strengthens abdominal organs, improves the functioning of the digestive system, prevents back pain, increases blood circulation, and relieves menstrual issues.

·       Nauka Chalasana (Rowing the Boat pose)

1.    Sit with both legs stretched. Just the same way while rowing a snake boat.

2.    Clinch hands like holding the oars of the boat.

3.    Exhale and bend forward from the hips while straightening the arms.

4.    Inhale and lean back forward, bringing the hands towards the shoulder.

5.    Repeat the practice for five to 10 rounds.

The asana is effective for toning the nerves and organs of the pelvis and abdomen. It prevents Sciatica and strengthens the back, abs, and arm muscles.

·       Namaskar asana (Salutation pose)

1.    Sit on the tadasana posture with the hands placed in a prayer position in front of the heart.

2.    Inhale and bend your head backward and feel the pressure at the back of the neck. Push the knees with the elbows.

3.    Hold the pose for three to five seconds.

The Namaskar asana strengthens the abdominal muscles and massages the internal organs of the abdomen. It strengthens the back and neck muscles, besides that of the arms and legs. The practice of the Yoga pose stimulates the reproductive organs and massages the pelvic muscles.

·       Vayunishkasana (Wind Releasing pose)

1.    Squat with the feet about hip-width apart.

2.    Grab the insteps of the feet by placing the fingers under the soles with the thumbs above.

3.    The upper arms should press against the inside of the knees with the elbows bent. Keep your eyes open throughout the practice.

4.    Inhale while moving the head back and the gaze upward.

5.    Exhale while straightening the knees, raising the buttocks, and bringing the head forward towards the knees.

It is effective in relieving flatulence. The pose results in the massaging of the pelvic organs and muscles. It stretches the whole spine along with the hands and leg muscles.

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