Follow ‘Dinacharya’ and ‘Ritucharya’: VP

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has emphasised the importance of a healthy body and mind while exhorting citizens to follow the concepts of “Dinacharya” (daily regimes) and “Ritucharya” (seasonal regimes) as advocated in the traditional Indian medicinal science of Ayurveda.

“The pandemic has taught us the overriding importance of staying healthy, both physically and mentally… fitness coupled with balanced diet is essential to stave off illnesses,” he said while inaugurating the 14th edition of FICCI HEAL on the theme “Post Covid Healthcare World--The New Beginning” through video conferencing.

Pointing out that sedentary lifestyle was one of the main reasons for growing incidence of non-communicable diseases in the country, he urged people to indulge in any form of physical activity like spot jogging/running/brisk walking/ aerobics and stretching daily to remain fit. He also called upon the doctors and media to create awareness and educate people to stay healthy and fit.

Naidu said Yoga and meditation should become part of daily timetable along with sports in schools and colleges once normalcy returns.

Referring to the event’s theme which talked of new beginning in post-Covid Healthcare World, the Vice President said the new beginning should also be about going back to old habits. “Our ancestors have prescribed us nutrition rich food. We should avoid fast-food and mindless eating,” he added.

Calling upon people to adapt to the culture of the new normal and take all the prescribed precautions seriously to fight Covid-19 pandemic, he said it was highly critical for people to act responsibly and support the multifarious efforts of the government and health professionals to break the transmission of the dreaded virus. “We simply cannot allow complacency to set in and lower our guard.”

Maintaining that the nation cannot remain in lockdown forever, he referred to the Prime Minister’s statement that life is important but livelihood is also equally important. While expressing hope that there would be good news on the vaccine front in the near future, Naidu urged people to wear masks, maintain social distancing and frequently wash hands.

Speaking on the universal psycho-social impact caused by the pandemic, he said, “The psycho-social aspects of older people, their caregivers, psychiatric patients and marginalised communities need special attention.”

Stressing the need to collectively move ahead with renewed determination to defeat the virus, Naidu said “Not only do we need to find ways to eliminate the virus, but we must also have to be prepared to meet post-Covid challenges and be well-equipped to face any future pandemics”.

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