Yoga for Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, Yoga asanas, which are mainly forward-bended, help in increasing the blood flow towards the head and face region. It helps improve the blood and oxygen supply and promotes boosting the nerves in the scalp region. 

The following three Yoga practices are beneficial for preventing hair fall and facilitating hair growth: -

1) Hastapadasana (The Hands to Feet Posture)

·       Stand with your feet together and hands at the sides.

·       While inhaling, raise both your hands from the front above your head.

·       While exhaling, bring your hands down to touch your toes or grasp your ankles, keeping your knees straight. Also, remember to keep your head and hands together as a unit as you bend down or rise for maximum benefit.

·       Suspending your breath, keep your knees straight, and try to touch your forehead to the knees. Stay in the position for 6 seconds with suspended breath or stay in the position breathing normally for not more than two minutes.

·       While inhaling, raise your hands above your head.

·       As you exhale, bring your hands down to the sides in a sweeping motion. 


2) Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)


·       Stand erect with your feet together and your arms at their sides.

·       Inhaling, raise both your hands in front to the shoulder level, eyes focused ahead.

·       While exhaling, bend forward from your waist, keeping both your legs and the spine straight.

·       Touch your toes with the tips of your fingers, keeping your arms straight.

·       The spine, head, and neck are kept horizontal, the abdomen is drawn in; the eyes are fixed on the tip of your nose.

·       Maintain this pose suspending your breath for six seconds.

·       Return to the original position while inhaling.

3) Viparitkarni (The Inverted Posture)

·       Lie down on your back with your hands at the sides (starting position).

·       Exhaling, with the help of your hands, slowly raise your legs, as shown in the picture. Hold your body with the hands at the back for support and maintain steadiness.

·       Breathing normally, maintain this pose from a few seconds to 2 minutes depending on your expertise and comfort level.

·       While inhaling, gently lower your hips using your hands for support and return to the starting position.

(Source: The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai)

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