Remedy for swelling on foot

Dear doctor,
Recently I found a slight swelling on my right foot on the dorsal surface (near the ankle). It is thick, strong and feels like bone while touching, and I have a very slight pain while pressing on it. Sir, what can be this? I am a vegetarian of 38 years, about 70 kilograms and 169 centimeters. Kindly help me with your advice.

RamKumar TG, Vadapalani, Chennai

Dear Mr. Ramkumar,
It is quite difficult to make out the problem from your description. It needs a direct inspection and examination to make a comment. The most probably, it can be a ganglion cyst, which is not a dangerous issue. Also take care of the way in which you place your foot while walking. Sometimes, an abnormal footing can cause gradual onset of pain. Try massaging gently with some hot oils smeared on it. Sahacharadi thylam is an option for this. If the response is not satisfactory, get consulted with your local vaidya.

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