Tamil Nadu India’s healthcare capital

Be it organ surgery, transplant or treatments, Tamil Nadu leads the way in healthcare tourism in India. With a number of approved world class hospitals, highly-skilled doctors with international experience, state-of-the art infrastructure, dedicated departments for taking care of international patients and technology- aided consultations, the State has become one of the fastest growing health tourism destination.

One of the most progressive States in India, Tamil Nadu, with a culture more than a millennium old, is all set to receive people from all over the world and offer them affordable medical care. Its truly cosmopolitan cities—several of the Fortune-500 companies have a presence in this industrially advanced State—will ensure that patients feel they are at home in Tamil Nadu. Should you want to experience alternative medicine, Ayurveda or take lessons in yoga, the State has dedicated institutions for them.

Healthy ways

Tamil Nadu has a well-designed system to take care of international patients

Medicare has become the latest tourist attraction of Tamil Nadu, adding to the list of its rich history, enchanting wildlife and mesmerising scenic beauty. The State has a large number of well-equipped hospitals offering diagnostic, technical and treatment expertise of international standards, manned by doctors with global experience. All available at relatively low cost. Tamil Nadu has readied an excellent health care infrastructure for the traveller who want to combine attending to his illness with his urge to see exotic places. While Chennai and other top cities have established hospitals with world class infrastructure and ensured services of the best medical professionals, historical spots such as Mamallapuram have set up several health resorts offering Ayurvedic medicare which can be compared to the best anywhere in the world.

Why Tamil Nadu:

● World class hospitals
● Dedicated care for international patients
● Availability of doctors with global experience.
● Minimum waiting time for consultation and treatment
● Cost-effective (even if the travel expenses are added)
● Availability of effective alternate systems of medicine
● High air connectivity
● Hospitable and conducive society
● Efficient law enforcing machinery with minimum crime rate
● Attraction to combine treatment with tours/pilgrimage

Major treatments/surgeries offered

● Assisted reproductive procedures
● Bone marrow trans plant
● Cardiac care
● Dialysis
● Kidney transplant
● Dentistry(all streams)
● Eye and refractive surgery
● Gynecology and obstetrics
● Joint replacement surgery
● Medical, surgical and radiation oncology
● Minimal invasive surgery
● Nuclear medicine
● Osteoporosis
● Preventive health care
● Trauma and neuro surgery
● Urology
● Vascular surgery
● Cosmetic surgery

On offer for an international patient

Most hospitals have representatives receiving you and your family at the airport and escort you to the hospital in an air-conditioned vehicle. International Patient Coordinators dedicate themselves to ensure that the patients from overseas experience world-class treatment and a comfortable stay. They put at ease your anxiety relating to your travel and stay. Translation Services: You will find multilingual coordinators conversing with you in your own language. They will render translation assistance throughout your stay, making things smoother for you as well as your doctor during the length of your hospital stay. Accommodation: Hospitals help you find long or short-term accommodations that best suit your individual preferences and budget. International Patients’ Enclave: Some hospitals have a dedicated place for international patients where they enjoy the comfort of having interacting with compatriots. International cuisine: Personalised attention is given to ensure that your diet is prepared hygienically as per your taste, as it forms an integral part of the treatment. Experienced and capable dieticians will prescribe your diet to suit your daily nutritional requirements. Your family who accompany you can avail of the following facilities: Local Tour Services: The friendly coordinators will be happy to make arrangements for your sightseeing, shopping etc. In order to extend a more personalized service, they would be delighted to accompany you on your exploration of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. Guided tours in and around the city are arranged for you as well as those accompanying you, once the treatment phase gets completed and your condition stabilises.


If you want to experience Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, then Tamil Nadu has several institutions which offer authentic treatments. Whether you are looking for wellness Ayurvbea such as rejuvenative therapy or cure for chronic diseases such as psoriasis, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, lifestyle diseases or infertility, these hospitals with well-qualified physicians offer you the best treatments.


Yoga has a undeniable link to Tamil Nadu: One of the absolutely amazing carvings at the coastal town of Mamallapuram has Patanjali, considered the father of Yoga, depicted as half-cobra, half sage. The modern institutions have taken Yoga to its heights, offering lessons that help you de-stress and rejuvenate.

One can find everything in Tamil Nadu, except snow-capped peaks. It hosts one of the oldest civilisations in the world and is the cradle of Indian art and culture. The State has a literary tradition that spans a couple of millennia. Its temples made of stone and decorated with sculptures and paintings are a treat to watch. Its festivals are colourful and lively. Its people are friendly and welcoming. No wonder that tourists flock to the Tamil Nadu, making it one of the most visited States in India

How to make your visit easy

Visit Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation website (www. tamilnadutourism.org) It has a list of hospitals approved for transplantation, super specialty hospitals and general surgery hospitals. Pick the hospital of your choice, and intimate them about your requirements

Tamil Nadu

Fact File
Total land area: 130,058 km2
Population: 72,138,958
Capital City: Chennai
International Airports: Chennai, Tiruchirapalli, Coimbatore
Airports: Madurai, Salem, Tuticorin


land of temples

The Brihadishwara Temple in Thanjavur is
one of the five ‘World Heritage Sites’ in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is known as the land of temples with more than 30,000 temples, many of which date back to a thousand years. And the world has come to recognise these architectural marvels: UNESCO has accorded the title ‘World Heritage Site’ to five temples in the State. Among them are the Brihadishwara Temple in Thanjavur, the Airavateswara temple in Darasuram and the Shore Temple in Mamallapuram. The other major temples are the Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam which is the largest functioning temple in the world, the Rockfort Temple at Trichy, Chidambaram temple and Rameshwaram temple whose 1.2 km long corridor is the longest of all Indian temples in the world. The government of Tamil Nadu has declared 48 centres as heritage towns. Then there are innumerable heritage monuments protected by the Archaeological Survey of India and the Archaeology Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.


They are nature’s stress busters. Your eyes could feast on the splash of surf and your ears would love the music. And you could even crave for a shower that can wash your fatigue off.



Hogenakal, or smocky rocks, has never ceased to mesmerise visitors

Hogenakkal, means ‘smoky rocks’. Here, the water falls from a height of 20 meters and then gushes through tunnel-like outlets for miles. The mistlike air that covers the rocks, the thundering sounds filling the air, the whole area surrounded by hills…you have the recipe for an out-of-the world experience of Nature. And should you choose to bathe in the waters, then there are facilities for the same also. You can also cruise through the crevices on country dinghies, an experience hard to find anywhere else. And when you are tired, you can feast on the fresh fish caught from the river, cooked and served right on the river banks.
Other waterfalls: Courtallam, Tirparapu, Silver Cascade



Kodaikanal (in pic) and Udhagamandalam are two most popular hill stations in South India

It is straight out of the pastoral poems. Walk through the meadows and watch the flock of sheep grazing on them. Marvel at the mighty rocks and deep valleys. Enjoy the cool climes near a lakeside.
Udhagamandalam: The queen of Hill Stations Founded by the British in the mid 19th century,
Udhagamandalam is dotted with lush gardens, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and valley views. Located at 2240 metres above sea level, the hill station has salubrious weather throughout the year. The Botanical Garden spread over 55 acres is home to a variety of rare flora. The Garden is best known for its annual flower show, usually held in May. The largest rose garden in the country with over 2500 varieties of roses and the Ooty lake are the other attractions. The Ooty Heritage Rail offers tourists breathtaking views of the Nilgiris hill ranges. The other hill stations: Kodaikanal, Yercaud, Coonoor, Topslip, Valparai, Yelagiri and Manjolai


Tamil Nadu’s beaches are unique: they are the meeting spots of the old and new. The sun-tanned sands and shallow waters are a refreshing experience. And most beaches are located close to a historical place. A bonus, indeed!


Located just 50 km off Chennai, the State capital, is Mamallapuram, the well known beach temple. The place was once a flourishing port under the Pallava dynasty and today it is famous for its stone-cut wonders. Places to see at include the shore temple, five chariots, Arjuna’s penance, and tiger’s cave. The monument is today a World Heritage Site. A crocodile bank is located just 17 kms from Mamallapuram. Amusement parks also dot the way from Chennai to Mamallapuram. The other beaches: Marina, Elliot, Kanniyakumari and Poompuhar


Have you ever dreamt of sauntering through the woods with a green canopy overhead? Ever fantasised about hearing
a tiger’s growl from close? Cherished a wish to see a peacock dance? Welcome to the wildlife in Tamil Nadu. At any given time, you can spot elephants, tigers, leopards, chital, panthers, gaurs, macaques, common langurs, deer, antelope, otters, crocodiles, sambhars, hyenas, jackals and porcupines. And if you are lucky, you will be able to watch a proverbial race between hare and tortoise!

Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Nilgiri Hills, the Western Ghats meet the Eastern Ghats in this sanctuary. This 321 sq km wide sanctuary
encompasses a National Park measuring an area of 103 sq kms. The other sanctuaries: Annamalai or Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Vedanthangal Water Birds Sanctuary, Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary, Kunthakulam Bird Sanctuary, Mukkurthi National Park, Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary, Guindy National Park.

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