Milma launches low-cost Ayurvedic alternatives to allopathic veterinary drugs

The Malabar regional division of the Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation, better known as Milma, has launched eight types of ethno-veterinary medicines (EVMs) as low-cost alternatives to allopathic veterinary drugs.

These medicines are to cure animal diseases like mastitis (Masticure), animal fever (Pyrex Care), diarrhea (Dair End), worm infestation (Fly-Repel), skin diseases (Crack Heal), ulcers (Heal All) and indigestion (Rumatore). Milk-Let, an Ayurveda product, is to increase the production of milk in cattle. The medicines will also help to reduce antibiotic residues in milk and meat from the livestock.

The medicines have been produced after five-year research in ethno-veterinary medicines to restrict antibiotic residues in milk and meat from dairy cattle held as part of the WHO programs for antimicrobial resistance (AMR). An MoU has been signed between Milma and an Ayurveda manufacturing company at Kozhikode to manufacture the medicines.

The medicines would lessen the treatment cost for animal diseases while controlling the antibiotic residues. While the allopathic treatment for mastitis would cost a minimum of Rs 6000, Masticure will cost only Rs 200 and bring results in three days. So far, 77,000 bottles of the total medicines have been sold across Kerala.

The research was helped by the Government of India mobile app carrying updated information about research and findings of the National Dairy Development Corporation (NDDC) in Gujarat, and by advice from Dr. Punyamoorthy, a veteran veterinary doctor from Tamil Nadu, whose research in veterinary herbal medicines has brought good results.

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