Lack of good sleep and anxiety

I am a vegetarian, of medium height, 29 years old male, working in IT field. My problems are lack of good sleep and anxiety. Sometimes I feel lack of confidence too, while attending events or seminars etc. I remember I had same problems -anxiety and lack of confidence – even in my school times. But currently it seems affecting my personality and it disturbs my concentration and I believe these may be the root causes for my sleeplessness. Besides these, I have some digestion problems also, but not a regular one. I have joined for a basic Yoga – Meditation course two weeks back, and it seems really helpful. My teacher advised me to take Ayurvedic treatments along with my Yoga practice. What kind of medicines or treatments should I take in this regard? Kindly help me with your valuable suggestions.
Jayaram. G
Hello Jayaram,
The type of problem you face, according to Ayurveda, is a result of a depleted Ojas. Ojas is the element in your body which you gain from a smooth functioning of Agni and related biological activities. When Agni is erratic almost all biological functions get deranged. And this in turn creates a disturbed brain functioning. This tends to manifest as depression, anxiety, rage and/or aggression. So your attention should be in correcting in your Agni. Stick on to a regular timings of eating, chew well and don’t drink too much water.
in between. Avoid all milk products and wheat products (atta, rava, maida etc). The yoga classes and practice will definitely help. As medicine, take 1 vilwadi gulika at night thoroughly mixed in warm water. To conclude let me remind you the famous quote by Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” So it’s your turn to act now

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