Indian Ayurvedic beauty brands go global

For centuries, indigenous beauty secrets had remained confined to a limited number of people before their benefits slowly started getting wider acceptance transcending borders and cultures. The last two decades have witnessed the luxury Ayurveda beauty segment evolving robustly and slowly spreading its wings all across the globe.

The ongoing health crisis has accelerated this process with thousands buttressing their faith in the ancient healing system due to its proven immunity boosting quality and looking towards the ancient science for tips on enhancing beauty. As a result, the Indian Ayurvedic beauty sector has begun to be wooed by global brands like never before, with at least a couple of international beauty conglomerates investing in them.

The markets are no more confined to any specific region and acceptance of Ayurveda has truly turned global. The future is all about global stops for the products that are free from side effect and have added health benefits with e-Commerce set to become a major marketing source.

The journey of Indian Ayurvedic beauty brands is already a reality. First it was Estee Lauder, the US cosmetic giant; recently Puig, a Spanish fragrance maker known for brands such as Prada and Paco Rabanne, too has invested in home-grown luxury Ayurveda beauty businesses in India.

While Estee Lauder picked up a minority stake in Forest Essentials in 2009, upping it in 2014, Puig recently invest Rs. 100 crore in Kama Ayurveda. While the investment allowed the multinationals a foothold in Indian market, it also aided the local brands foray into global markets by leveraging on the resources of the former in brand-building, technology and the like.

The demand for organic herbs and natural ingredients-based skin and hair care products is only set to surge. Experts foresee a rise in global liking for the products, especially offering business scope for small players from India.

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