12th European Congress on Integrative Medicine

Barcelonia will witness yet another European Congress on Integrative Medicine this year. This 12th European Congress on Integrative Medicine that will take place in Barcelonia (the second largest city in Spain) will be organised by SESMI (Spanish Society of Health and Integrative Medicine) and ESIM (European Society of Integrative Medicine). The event will take place in this city from 13 -15 September 2019.

The influence of Integrative Medicine is increasing all over the world, with health professionals and patients looking for an overall wellness. This allows an array of disciplines, including environmental, social, psychological and emotional to work together. In this congress, the main areas of interest that will in be addressed will be that of Integrative Medicine. Thus, the event will share the knowledge and the enthusiasm in the Integrative Medicine space.

The main topics that will be discussed at the event will include:- research, clinical care, education, integrative medicine and traditional medical systems, biological practise, complementary and integrative health and many more.

The speakers include Dr. MadanThangavelu, Research Director, European Ayurveda Association; Dra. Celia vives Puig; Prof. Pilar Munoz Calero; Dr. Nicolas Olea; Dra. Gilda Carvajal Rojas; Dr. Ragozin Boris Vladimirovic; Dra. Esther Martinez Garcia; Dra. Elena Gimenez Forcada; Dra. Alicia Fernandez Nunez; Prf. Carles Fernandez; Dr. Armin Schwarzbach; Dra. Ana Belen Fernandez Cervilla among many others.

The venue of the event will be at Hotel Barcelo Sants, Placa dels Països Catalans, s/n, Spain.

For more details:-

Web: ecim2019-barcelona.sesmi.es

Mail: ecim2019@activacongresos.com

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