Eat Greens to bolster immunity

The novel Coronavirus is the latest endemic to hit the humanity. A look back at the past decade will reveal that the exposure to deadly diseases is happening at an alarming rate than ever before.

The need of the hour is to bolster one’s immunity rather than waiting to avail treatment after contracting with severe infections. While there are a lot many ways to increase the body’s self-fighting system against disease causing microbes, taking in a lot of leafy vegetables tops it all.

Modern science has already established the benefits of leafy Greens as they contain all-important minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamins B1 and B2.

In Ayurvedic diet too, dark leafy vegetables are accorded much importance in improving one’s immunity. The traditional science prescribes a daily intake of leafy vegetables for improving one’s hair, skin and health besides acting as a detoxifying agent.

Here are some benefits of going green, according to Ayurveda: 

-Leafy Greens are full of nutritious juices that naturally hydrate and cools our body.

-The natural juices and fibers in the Greens help purify the channels (tracts, veins, arteries, etc.) in our body and aid in disease prevention.

--The natural juices also contain prana (life energy) that helps in optimal functioning of the mind and body.--The high content of calcium and vitamin A present in the Greens is beneficial for the reproductive health of women, particularly those nearing the menopausal stage.

--They are full of antioxidants which act as an anti-ageing factor. Besides, it helps in improving the skin tone. 

How to choose your Greens:

Always choose organic produce as this can help eliminate all harmful pesticide residues.

Look for crisp, fresh green leaves that are bursting with vitality.

Always try to pick greens that are seasonal and grown locally.

Tender, fresh green leaves can go bad quickly, so it is best to consume them on the same day you have shopped for them.

Wash them properly after rinsing them in a vessel with water mixed with a small dose of turmeric powder

Lunch is the ideal time to consume Greens as the digestive system functions most optimally then.  Having juices prepared from vegetables will help in detoxifying the body.

Here is a recipe of an anti-aging Green Elixir. The ingredients include green capsicum and green apple, which are mixed with leafy Greens.

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