‘One black-pepper a day keeps all diseases at bay’

Black pepper is a popular spice used to prepare dishes to give them an aromatic flavor. The active ingredient in it called piperine not only lends tastes to the curries but also can be your magic recipe to keep diseases at bay, thanks to its wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

“You may not be aware that an item that is in your kitchen right now might have one of the most impressive lists of health benefits out there. But it’s true: the black pepper…is an incredibly powerful little spice used for millennia to heal the sick,” writes Ayurveda expert Dr. Dixa Bhavsar in her recent Instagram post.

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) is a strong and pungent spice. It’s hot in potency, easy to digest, and balances Vata and Kapha. Here are the various benefits of the spice that decorates a corner of your kitchen: -

·       Improves taste (relieves anorexia)

·       Good for cough and cold.

·       Improves immunity.

·       Works in reducing inflammation in joints & gut.

·       Relieves bloating & excess vata disorders.

·       Eliminates toxins.

·       Improves digestion.

·       Promotes oral health.

·       Clears nasal blockage (wonderful for allergies & sinusitis)

·       Improves blood circulation (good for skin diseases)

·       Melts fat (utmost helpful in reducing obesity)

·       Good for the liver and heart (works in managing cholesterol, diabetes & blood pressure)

·       Helps with Alzheimer’s & overall brain health

·       Useful in hair fall caused due to dandruff/fungus.

·       Possible smoking cessation aid

·       Helps prevent & even fight cancer

“Just one black pepper daily is enough to prevent diseases & maintenance of health,” Dr. Dixa adds.

§  Can be sucked/chewed in the morning on an empty stomach (for hormonal balance, diabetes, amenorrhea, delayed periods & everything else).

§  Can be had with 1 tsp turmeric & honey for immunity & respiratory issues.

§  Can be had with a pinch of dry ginger powder in milk at bedtime for good sleep, immunity & arthritis (relieving joint pain).

§  Can be had with 1 tsp cow ghee at bedtime for improving immunity & mental health.

§  Can just be added to meals while cooking (easiest way to consume it).

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